The assurance that all investments will be safe, and the keenness being demonstrated by the new administration to engage the Diaspora, has triggered a lot of interest.

Zimbabweans working in South Africa have expressed optimism that the country’s economy is geared for recovery with many of them indicating their willingness to invest in infrastructure development projects.

According to statistics from the United Nations, about three million Zimbabweans out of a population of 14 million live outside the country and many of those residing in developed nations are professionals.

President Mnangagwa has shown a real interest to encourage dialogue between government and the Zimbabwean Diaspora for the latter to participate in national development.

Outgoing Zimbabwe envoy to South Africa Ambassador Isaac Moyo said the turnout at the business meeting held at the embassy is a clear demonstration of the confidence that diasporans have in the new government in Zimbabwe.

A grouping of Zimbabwean business people based in South Africa, the Zimbabwe Business Forum-South Africa,  declared their readiness and willingness to set up new businesses and help revive those not doing so well in response to President Mnangagwa’s call for diasporans to invest back home.

Several investors are expressing interests in mining, tourism, and rail and road infrastructure development.

The Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group has expressed interest in the National Railways of Zimbabwe project, says their representative Mr Donovan Chimhandamba.

Some of the potential investors have already started making investment inquiries.