President Emmerson Mnangagwa has launched the national arts, culture and heritage policy in Bulawayo.

This comes at a time when government has committed to support the arts, culture and heritage industry so that it becomes a national economic viable industry.

The launch of the national arts, culture and heritage policy in Bulawayo comes after two day deliberations between the sector and government.

Players in the arts sector have called for government support to ensure a win-win situation that benefits the nation. After the dialogue, they were not disappointed as government committed to fully support the sector with the Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation, Kirtsy Coventry saying the validation of the policy must be in full swing early next year.

“Today we make another milestone. The ministry will be embarking and validating this document by January 2020. The policy fullfills expectations of many who are involved in arts and culture,” she said

After listening to the list of demands by the sector, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he was impressed by artists’ clarity on what they want.

“I am extremely impressed by the clarity and focus on what you want. You have spoken about red tape in government, this must stop. There must be a desk at the ministry to assist you. This industry can earn as much money for the fiscas and so my government will support you,” said the President.

The advancement of cultural and creative industries has been described as important amid consensus that that the sector has gone beyond just being mere entertainment. In the words of President Mnangagwa, “it has become a profession, business and source of livelihoods with immense potential to generate revenue inflows into the economy.”