What was once held as an elitist sport, swimming has transcended the myth to become a basic life skill that is a must to all.

While many like Kirsty Coventry and Michael Phelps have indeed managed to make a gainful living through swimming, it has been however noted that a big number in Zimbabweans still do not know how to swim.

Whether it is as a result of taking swimming just as a sport or other held myths, the cases of people who have drowned owing to inability to swim are well documented.

As a way of countering this trend, swimming lessons have been conducted to cater for young ones.

The ZBC News crew visited one such exhibition where Newton pre-school had children aged between 2 and 5 taken to the waters to showcase their new learnt ability to swim.

While revealing the increase in participation in the sport in Matabeleland, Executive Member of the swimming mother body, Lorna Riley, stressed the importance of having children being taught how to swim.

Director of Newton pre-school, Sitheni van Der Voort indicated that the school took a deliberate approach to ensure their students are safe in the water with some survival cases being recorded.

With the rainy and pool partying festive seasons upon us, the need to ensure that one has basic swimming skills becomes more important to minimise drowning incidents.