zesa pylons.jpgPower shortages have adversely affected production in the local milling industry which is operating at 30% capacity.

The local milling industry has been hard hit by various challenges chief among them power shortages.

In a bid to ascertain challenges affecting the milling industry, the Grain Millers Association toured various milling firms in the capital discussing possible solutions.

In an interview with ZBC News after touring the milling plants, National Foods Managing Ddirecto, Mr. Indra Chapener said the industry is operating at below 40% capacity utilisation though they have the capacity to meet the local demand.

Grain Millers Association chairman, Mr. Tafadzwa Musarara said there is need for government to reconsider the importation of other products for the good of the industry.

Government allowed the importation of basic commodities duty free up to mid year to cover the shortfall by local milling firms and observers say it gives enough time for companies to increase capacity utilisation for the satisfaction of the local demand.