Constant loss of power in Beitbridge East is disrupting business in the community with many companies irked that they are losing revenue continuously.

Almost every 3 hours, there is a power cut.

Businesses residing in this part of town which include clearing agents, fast foods and even a funeral parlour have bemoaned the power cuts saying they are hindering their day-to-day runnings.

The business people say the situation has been going on for a time longer than any business can sustain.

The Beitbridge Business Association is equally concerned that the continuous power cuts are defeating the positioning of the municipality as a centre of excellent service delivery.

However, ZESA insists that these are not power cuts which relate to load shedding but faults that the company is working hard to resolve.

For those like clearing agents and funeral parlours, the situation could really turn out with huge consequences if no permanent intervention by the power utility comes on time.