The poultry industry has intensified the importation of hatchery fertilised eggs in a move that is expected to bring stability in the supply of one day old chicks, table eggs and broiler meat.

The suspension of the 40 percent duty on hatchery fertilised eggs by government following the outbreak of avian bird influenza which wiped out almost 65 percent of the country’s breeding stock has paid dividend as poultry breeders intensified fertilised egg imports.

Livestock and Meat Advisory Council economist Dr Renneth Mano said the supply of day old chicks and table will soon normalise as the poultry industry takes advantage of the egg duty free to import the hatchery fertilised eggs to restock their breeding departments.

The Livestock and Meat Advisory Council also assured the nation prices of eggs and day old chicks which had shot up are also expected to normalise.

The past months witnessed a shortage of table eggs and day old chicks following the avian flu outbreak.