At a time Zimbabwe has banned the use of polystyrene material, commonly known as kaylite in the food industry, a local entrepreneur intends to set up a factory that will turn the material into bricks.

Polystyrene bricks have advantages of flexibility, thus making them less vulnerable to cracking walls, they use recyclable material making them economical while properties that prevent deterioration increase their useful life span. 

For entrepreneur Dr Nancy Saungweme plans are afoot to set up a million dollar factory that will manufacture the polystyrene bricks which are made in conjunction with cement.

Dr Saungweme has already completed a model housing unit in Mutare just under a month.

The house has already met the required certification.

Government realising that there is a major housing backlog set out a target of over 300 000 units by 2018.

The ease of doing business, introduced by local authorities through the Office of the President and Cabinet is also set to see innovations such as the polystyrene bricks enabling low income earners access to decent housing at affordable prices.

The use of polystyrene as well as cement in making bricks has been widely accepted in countries such as China and other parts of Africa.