zrp in truck 2.jpgMDC-T members on Sunday attacked and killed a policeman, who was part of a contingent deployed to stop an unsanctioned meeting in Harare’s Glen View 3 suburb.

Police Spokesperson, Superintendent Andrew Phiri said the MDC-T supporters turned rowdy and became riotous, stoning the policeman after the law enforcement agents had told them that they could not hold an unsanctioned meeting

The violence in Glen View follows the admission by MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai last week that his party is plagued with violence. 

Violence broke out during the party’s provincial elections leading to the party’s congress in Bulawayo leaving scores of youths injured with 12 others arrested. 

Following the death of the policeman, political analysts say it is high time police stopped treating MDC-T hooligans with kid gloves as they have declared war on law enforcement agents.

They called for a decisive response to deal with perpetrators of violence, warning that if left unchecked, the hooligans threaten the rule of law and the peace that prevails in the country.

The MDC has since its formation embarked on an orgy of violence, while trying to present its members as victims of violence by Zanu PF supporters.

Last week, Zimbabwe Today publisher, Mr Goodson Nguni produced a special magazine documenting the cases of violence by MDC-T since its formation in 1999.