Outstanding poet and National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) award winner Likhwa Ncube uses poetry to spread the message of love in songs such as ‘Nomalonga’, ‘Ngoqome’ and album Ngaliwe.

Ncube set the tone for the independence celebrations through his poem in which he praises the gallant sons and daughters who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe in a colourful and descriptive poem.

The poet states that as an artist in an independent Zimbabwe he has the responsibility of educating the young generation and nation at large on how to preserve the peace and tranquility people enjoy today through art.

“As a youth I feel it is important that we preserve the history our nation and be proud of who we are. I appreciate the gallant heroes for sacrificing so much, so we can enjoy our independence,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s sons and daughters languished in chains of slavery and humiliation and its exploiters and self-appointed controllers of Zimbabwe’s destiny strode across the nation without mercy or shame, but those days are gone and gone forever and the country this year marks 39 years of emancipation.