pirated cds 29.10.10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has implored players within the arts industry to cooperate and unite for the enhancement of the industry’s contribution to national development.


Speaking at the sidelines of a Zimbabwe Association of Recording Industries seminar in Harare, ZRP Officer Commanding Licence Inspectorate, Superintendent Joel Tenderere urged all stakeholders within the industry to abide by the standing laws for the protection of the industry.

Superitendent Tenderere said , ”Piracy remains our biggest challenge and it is imperative for all concerned to channel resources towards fighting it and stakeholders should join hands together.

“ As the police we are finding it difficult for people to come up and identify an original or duplicated copy.

“We are also facing problems in re-arresting those that would have been give bail because most of them are of no fixed abode .”

Superintendent Tenderere further acknowledged the need for pulling resources towards fighting the threats posed by piracy and urged stakeholders to meet with the government so that punishments for offenders should be toughened if the vice of piracy is to be curbed.

Gramma Records Managing Director who is also ZARI’s Vice President Mr. Emmanuel Vori acknowledged that music piracy in Zimbabwe has reached alarming proportions forcing prominent musicians to withhold their new productions.

Mr Emmanuel Vori, Vice President ZARI said ,”Piracy has taken over genuine markets and this has killed the creativity of artists all over the world.

“There is a need for all stakeholders to get together regularly and find ways of reducing music piracy.

“It’s a challenge for the entire music industry and just this year we met to map the way forward. There were a number of suggestions that we need to implement so as to safeguard musicians’ property rights .”

Musicians present challenged the police to target pirate producers instead of concentrating on small players such as vendors so as to stop the illicit sale of pirated works.