Torwood residents in Redcliff continue to implore relevant authorities to find a lasting solution to their persistent water woes.

A ballooning debt owed to the City of Kwekwe saw supplies being cut and the small town of Redcliff is now isolated from piped water.

Added to this is the misery brought about by the collapse of the giant steel company Ziscosteel which was the source of livelihoods for the residents.

They cannot afford to pay their utility bills to the local authority and the debt with Kwekwe Municipality for water bills had reached over US$2 million.

Boreholes are now the major source of water for this community and these are now being locked in the afternoon to save the underground water. 

For the better part of the day the residents waste away productive time queuing for water and their plea is for authorities to find a solution to their dilemma.

Kwekwe Mayor Mr Freddy Kapuya is on record saying his team is working on a deal that will address the water challenges in Redcliff.

He said Redcliff council had signed a deal with a Hungarian investor that will see the town draw piped water at very low rates from nearby Cactus Poorte dam.

Observers hope the fruition of this deal is speedily realised so that potential looming hazards are limited.