Secretary for War Veterans in the Zanu PF Politburo Cde Victor Matemadanda

War veterans say former President Robert Mugabe should concentrate on writing his personal memoirs and stop meddling in politics with the aim of dividing the nation on tribal lines.

They say Zimbabweans are one, regardless of tribe and should not allow themselves to be divided along those lines.

Addressing war veterans and collaborators from across Masvingo province, Secretary for War Veterans in the Zanu PF politburo Cde Victor Matemadanda had a word of advice for former President Mugabe.

“He wants to divide the country on tribal lines. He wants to create a Zezuru vote, a Ndebele vote, a Karanga vote. Wherever he goes he must know that he ruined this province and now he also wants to ruin Zimbabwe. We will not be divided on tribal lines,” said Cde Matemadanda.

Cde Matemadanda went on to say that if Mugabe wants to be respected by war veterans he must apologise for his statements that they have no place in politics and for relegating them to a welfare case during his tenure in office.

“Mugabe should know that we were not his personal soldiers during the liberation struggle. We were fighting for the people of Zimbabwe. He thought he could control us as if we were his soldiers who he paid,” he added.

The meeting also saw Cde Matemadanda briefing the war veterans on the state of affairs in the party.