parliament.jpgThe issuance of broadcasting licences to two independent broadcasters, Zimpapers Talk radio and AB Communications, has spilled into parliament, with a motion to suspend the licences and dissolution of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) board creating a heated debate between Zanu PF and MDC formations legislators.

Legislators from the two MDC formations seconded the motion while their Zanu PF counterparts were against the move.

So intense was the debate that the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mrs. Nomalanga Khumalo was at one time forced to overturn a ruling she had made and asked the mover of the motion, Mr. Settlement Chikwinya to withdraw his statement in which he was deemed to have insulted President Mugabe.

This was after Zanu PF legislators had protested.

Mr. Chikwinya insisted that the Mahoso-led board was biased in the issuance of licences while his colleagues argued that there were double standards in some of the colleagues seconded to the board, hence the need to overturn their decision.

However, some Zanu PF legislators argued that the BAZ board was a competent panel which deserved to be commended by coming up with the two independent broadcasting licences 31 years after independence.

Meanwhile, the Senate has adjourned parliament business for the festive season to the 27th of February next year after passing the 2012 budget statement without objections.