parly flot.jpgHouse of Assembly Members have adopted a motion to amend the Urban Councils Act in a move that could see the powers of the Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development reduced.

The motion could attract a heated debate between Zanu PF parliamentarians and their MDC formations counterparts in the upcoming weeks.

Already some Zanu PF parliamentarians were suggesting the need for Councillors to undergo some form of orientation before assuming office saying the Minister responsible has been left with no option but to intervene when these Councillors exhibit signs of incompetence and maladministration.

Several MDC-T led councils have been fingered in cases of maladministration.

However, some MDC formations legislators are adamant that the Urban Councils Act requires immediate amendments to cut the powers of the Minister responsible, arguing that the failure by councils to run effectively has been as a result of interference from the responsible Minister.

Rate payers in almost all the MDC-T led councils have been short-changed by Councillors’ failure to effect basic service provisions such as water and the maintenance of roads despite paying high rates to the local authorities.