Parliament is finalising the review of the Standing Rules and Orders to address the unruly conduct of some legislators towards dignitaries visiting the House, including the President of the republic.

With some Parliamentarians increasingly exhibiting disorderly conduct which has become an embarrassment to the name of Parliament, a review of the standing rules of the August house is nearing completion to address the conduct of the legislators.

Clerk of Parliament, Kennedy Chokuda told Zbc NewsOnline that among other issues, the amendments will seek to address is etiquette and conduct of MPs in the presence of visitors to the August House, including the President of the Republic.

The ninth Parliament has been blemished by the unruly conduct of MDC Parliamentarians who have disrupted the flow of business every time the President attends Parliament on national duty.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda recently ruled to dock some of the MDC MPs’ allowances after they refused to stand up for the President before walking out of the House during the joint State of the Nation Address and official opening of the second session of ninth Parliament.

On the day of the National Budget presentation, the MDC parliamentarians absconded their oversight function, absenting themselves from the House on the pretext that they were attending a funeral for a card carrying member of the party in Marondera.

A good number of them were however allegedly sighted in the vicinity of the house just before and after the Budget presentation.