The Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) has unpacked the nation branding concept as part of efforts to buttress the open for business mantra.

Senior Principal Director in the OPC Ambassador Mary Mubi says nation branding aims at improving a country’s standing, as the image and reputation of a nation influences its success in attracting tourism receipts and investment capital. 

“The strength of the national brand will be rooted in people’s shared understanding of what distinguishes our country from other nations,” said Ambassador Mubi.

She reiterated that Zimbabwe’s brand image is the most valuable asset as it speaks of a national identity which shows Zimbabweans as peace loving, resilient and well educated people.

“All Zimbabweans, both locally and abroad must become ambassadors in their own jurisdictions, speaking positively and taking positive steps in the nation building agenda,” she added.

A sustainable brand image is dependent on an inclusive approach where the government coordinates all stakeholders, including the private sector and citizens in efforts to uplift the image of the country.