Ambassador Mary Mubi

The Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) is working with various line ministries to improve indigenous knowledge systems as a solution to food security.

This revelation emerged during a thematic exhibition aimed at raising awareness on food security, set up by the OPC at the Harare Agriculture Show.

The OPC has stepped up coordinating and promoting utilisation of traditional knowledge and technologies for food and nutrition security by bringing together several government departments that deal with agriculture issues.

Senior Principal Director in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Ambassador Mary Mubi emphasized the need to embrace the local knowledge and experiences as a starting point to end food insecurity.

The thematic exhibition showcases under one roof various strategies in the research and development sector, agriculture, forestry, meteorological services and indigenous knowledge systems that can be used to tackle food security challenges in line with the theme of the Harare Agricultural Show: ‘Seed to Food: Innovate, Consolidate, Sustain’.