The First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe has slammed Zanu PF members trying to usurp President Robert Mugabe’s powers by trying to fire presidential appointees such as vice presidents and Politburo members from the party and government.

Speaking in Chinhoyi during the fifth Presidential Youth Interface rally, where the President received a rousing welcome from a record crowd, Dr Mugabe had no kind words for those who violate the party’s disciplinary procedures by attempting to fire Politburo members through votes of no confidence.

She said vice presidents, ministers and politburo members are appointed by the President and therefore it is only him [President] who has the authority to fire them after thorough investigations on allegations levelled against them.

She gave the example of the firing of Cde Eunice Sandi Moyo and Cde Sarah Mahoka from their positions in the Zanu PF Women’s League, where the former remained in her government position following the incident.

“Cde Sandi Moyo is still the Minister of State for Bulawayo Province, what the Women’s League only did was to relieve her of her duties in the party wing, the position they had appointed her into, and not her ministerial position. That is up to the President who appointed her,” said Dr Mugabe.

She said herself, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and other Presidential appointees serve at the pleasure of the President, and that ‘we must just concentrate on our jobs. What we do in the absence of the President matters.’

Dr Mugabe said at one time, she received a call asking her to join in street marches to remove Vice President Mnangagwa and “I told him (VP Mnangagwa). I felt that participating in such marches is an insult to the President. If anyone feels they are not happy with what is being done by a person appointed by the President, just like the Vice Presidents, they must approach the President.”

After demonstrations against Cde Sandi Moyo and Cde Mahoka, Dr Mugabe said, there were more demonstrations against National Political Commissar, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere.

“No one has the right to remove a person appointed by the President. We have been quiet for a long time. Varume kana musingawirirani, garai pasi mutaurirane. They accused him [Kasukuwere] and his brothers of trying to topple President Mugabe. I want to ask you, do you think these three can succeed?” she queried, asking Cde Kasukuwere, who she referred to as ‘a boy’ and his young brother, Tongai to rise.

“Every day we read about Kasukuwere. If it’s not him, then its Professor Moyo. People have gone to the extent of coming up with non-existent corruption cases. Stop it,” added Dr Mugabe.

On the Permanent Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr George Charamba, Dr Mugabe said he must not write bad in the press about government ministers.

She said Mr Charamba must respect ministers and report them to the President if disagreements arise.

The First Lady was also unhappy with Mr Charamba for not visiting her Mazowe Children’s home.

“Iyezvino tinongoona mu Herald, there are only specific people vanongotaurwa zvakanaka nezvavo. Vamwe vachisiya. Unoti tinenge tisingaone here. Don’t do that. Hatidi kuti udaro. Wakamirira zvaPresident. You cannot separate the President and his wife. George uyu ndirimudzimai wababa vake ava, haambofi akauya kuzoona zvandirikuita kuMazowe. Kunze kwekuti unyore seizvozvo, basa nderekunyora zvinhu zvisina nebasa rese, zvisiri zve development. Anozviziva kuti ndirikuita basa guru guru but haana basa naro. George iwe urupasi pema minister, hauna right yekutukana na minister. Kana wanetswa naminister enda unotaurira baba kuti minister nhingi na nhingi arikudai ivo vomutswinya nzeve……….,” said Dr Mugabe.

Dr Mugabe ended her address by emphasising her message at the Women’s League National Assembly that President Mugabe has the final say in the anointment of his successor and that he would not be comfortable to leave his hard work and legacy in irresponsible and incapable hands.

“President Mugabe is still with us, [and] when time comes [that he is leaving office], he will have to bless a successor. Without his blessing, you cannot be President of this country,” she said.

The Youth League weighed in saying they will fully support anyone who has the blessing of President Mugabe.

“If you Cde President decides to appoint a successor, the Youth League will support that candidate,” said Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs, Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga, adding that youths are not in any way part of the factionalism agenda and that no one can in anyway claim ownership of the Youth League.

“Youth League belongs to two people only that is you President Mugabe and the First Lady. Tinofamba takaberekwa kumusana wamai Mugabe,” he said.

Cde Chipanga also slammed the abuse of social media by even the elderly, among them Victor Matemadanda.

Among other issues the youths presented to Cde Mugabe was the call for them contest in all political positions except for the post of President.

“The only person allowed to have a soft landing is you President Mugabe. Vamwe vose ipota nekoko tisangane,” he said.

Cde Chipanga also called on the consideration of youths for appointment in boards of parastatals, establishment of a an input scheme for youths and the establishment of a polytechnic, a teachers’ and many vocational training centres in the province.