Stakeholders in the Midlands Province have implored the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to engage communities that experienced conflict in the past to achieve the objective of attaining peace in the country.

The NPRC was in Gweru this Wednesday to get first-hand information on how the people in the Midlands Province are coping with conflicts with stakeholders highlighting areas that need attention if peace is to be achieved in the area.

The NPRC team also had a session with traditional leaders who revealed how the issue of illegal gold mining and the land redistribution exercise have become new sources of conflict in their communities.

NPRC chairperson for victim, support, gender and diversity, Commissioner Netty Masanhu said Zimbabweans should make use of the commission’s outreach programmes to give input on how best to achieve conflict resolution.

“We have realised that women constitute the biggest chunk of people who are affected in times of conflict. What is refreshing is that people are coming on board to make significant contributions. It is your platform to find the solutions in your areas and together we can achieve peace in this country,” she said.

NPRC is now compiling the different thematic concerns to be tackled by the organisation after concluding the first stage where they were gathering information on issues affecting various communities.