zbc staffer.jpgChristmas is all about spending time with loved ones, merry making and having fun.

While the rest of the world was celebrating such a special day, it was business as usual for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation staff and obviously other crucial sectors.

While most Zimbabweans were merry making and spending time with their loved ones, it was business as usual in the newsroom and other departments at ZBC.

Reporters, producers, presenters and other essential staff were up and about executing their usual duties as if it were a normal day.

The essential ZBC staff had to forgo the pleasures of the day and work diligently just like on an ordinary day.

Further afield at places like Zindoga, Mereki and other merry making places, people were really enjoying themselves.

Other essential staff, who usually take no notice of the Christmas celebrations, include members of the armed forces, nurses, transport operators and others from essential services.