Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) says there is no evidence yet linking the recently killed lion at Ngamo Sikumi forest to Cecil the lion and has confirmed that the hunt was legal.

Zimparks which has described the incident as unfortunate has dispelled reports suggesting that the hunt was illegal and has further clarified that no DNA evidence shows that the killed lion was one of Cecil the lion’s cubs.

Zimparks public relations manager, Mr Tinashe Farawo said the male lion was killed outside the Hwange National Park adding that the hunter unfortunately could not see the radio collar on the researched animal.

While confirming that the six years two months old male lion was collared, the authority has indicated that currently there is no law which prohibits the hunting of collared lions.

There are plans to however come up with the relevant statutory instrument to ban the hunt of the collared lions and other wildlife, according to the authority.

The recent incident comes few days after the second anniversary of the Cecil the lion’s death which sparked global outrage by many conservationists.

Despite the worrying trend of human wildlife conflict, the Zimbabwean government has committed itself to sustainable wildlife management through enactment of relevant frameworks and domestication of international protocols.