Tobacco farmers are in a dire situation as they face several challenges in the marketing of their crop.

Failure to access cash, limited knowledge of the banking system and staying in unhygienic conditions at tobacco floors are some of the difficulties farmers face daily.

While the tobacco marketing season kicked-off amid pomp and fan fare, getting paid for their sales has become a nightmare for the majority of growers.

The ZBC News encountered dejected farmers who have stayed at tobacco sales floors for about three weeks due to failure to access cash.

Some farmers are trying to make as many withdrawals as possible since banks are not issuing out the stipulated US$1000 for the initial sale.

Others said they are staying in unhygienic conditions and at times sleeping in the open.

The delays being experienced by farmers are affecting the grading and curing of the golden leaf which is still in progress.

Expenses continue to mount for the farmers as there is a backlog of unbanked employees and operating expenses that need to be paid.