chapfika 06-12-10.jpgThe National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) has concluded its national outreach programme which was aimed at gathering the people’s views on the implementation of the indigenisation law.

The outreach programme was aimed at gathering views of the grassroots levels on the way forward regarding the implementation of the indigenisation law and to educate some members of the public who were not aware of the rationale behind giving total control of the country’s resources to the majority.


NIEEB Chairman, Cde David Chapfika expressed satisfaction with the level of understanding exhibited by the ordinary people, saying there is great appreciation that Zimbabweans should be in control of their resources especially mineral wealth being plundered by multi-national companies.


“All the 10 provinces of the country have been covered by the programme and we worked with technical people, who assisted in educating the masses on the rationale behind the programme. The feedback we are getting clearly shows the willingness by Zimbabweans to control their political and economic destiny,” said Cde Chapfika.


Turning to the indigenisation of the mining sector, Cde Chapfika confirmed that the compliance levels are satisfactory ahead of the June 2 deadline though there are some mining companies trying to evade the whole process through various excuses.


Government enacted the indigenisation law to ensure that indigenous Zimbabweans are in total control of their resources.


Observers say the control of national resources by locals, will be an instrument to bust the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West.