patriot newspaper.jpgA weekly newspaper, The Patriot has been launched in the capital amid pomp and fanfare with the publisher promising to champion the idea of celebrating being Zimbabwean.

The newspaper will start by printing 25 000 copies weekly and seeks to engage national discourse while contributing meaningfully to the Zimbabwean identity in all spheres.

Speaking to ZBC News after the launch, Chairman of the organisation, Mr. Simplisius Chihambakwe said the newspaper was born out of the need to ensure the Zimbabwean identity is championed in the development of the nation.

“There has been much of politics without taking note of where we are coming from and going as a nation, hence the coming on board of the newspaper,” said Chihambakwe.

The Patriot Editor, Professor Charles Pfukwa said the editorial policy is hinged on informing Zimbabweans at all levels the wisdom and understanding of what it means to be Zimbabweans.

“We focus on telling the Zimbabwean story in the context of our sovereignty benchmarked on the liberation struggle,” Professor Pfukwa said.

The Patriot will cover general news, business, lifestyles, arts and entertainment, sport among other sections.

The publication’s mission is to serve interests of all Zimbabweans by providing them with in-depth and well researched information of Zimbabwe’s rich civilisation, natural resources and the vast opportunities for economic participation awaiting every willing citizen.