A 16 year old Trelawney girl hid her newly born baby in the bush overnight as she tried to conceal her motherhood status from her guardians.

The teenager gave birth to a mature baby girl on her own at her uncle’s home at Cleeve Farm in Trelawney, before she took the newly born baby to a secluded bush where it spent the night unattended.

None of her custodians, an uncle and aunt and her siblings, were aware of her pregnancy although they had some suspicions which they could not confirm.

After giving birth, the girl took her newly born baby to a bush some 500m away from the family homestead, where she lay the infant on a heap of shrubs and leaves for comfort’s sake.

She would then go back to the spot to breastfeed the baby undetected by family members, before she left the baby overnight unattended.

The baby was later discovered by herd boys.

The community, which was recently riled by a Satanism scare at Trelawney Primary School, was initially astounded at the latest discovery, fearing that the baby could be a goblin.

The girl’s uncle, Mr Andrew Banda and her aunt, Ms Memory Mavhunga expressed shock and sadness at the incident.

When the ZBC News tried to catch up with the girl and the man responsible, Philipp Gore at Trelawney shopping centre and the latter charged at the news crew before snatching the baby away from her teenage wife.

The condition of the baby could not be immediately established.

Gore has since accepted responsibility.

The case of the 16-year-old girl shows the extent to which teenage mothers suffer in silence for fear of retribution and fail to seek antenatal and post natal care, resulting in infant and maternal mortality.