Work on the finalisation of the country’s national export strategy which will guide activities for the next four years until 2022 is at an advanced stage as government targets to increase export receipts.

Driven by the desire to tap the export led economic growth benefits the government is finalising a national export strategy that will become functional from next year until 2022.

The initiative is targeted to grow exports and receipts by 10 percent annually within the four year framework according to government projections.

Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister Dr Mike Bimha outlined this vision to captains of industry who convened in Harare today for the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) annual review meeting.

Government is confident that this initiative will also facilitate opportunities for collaboration between large and small businesses.

The country can benchmark its policy from South Africa who have developed a similar blueprint and recorded sustainable growth on the front.

While an export led economy will be critical to increase foreign currency, immediate opportunities also lie in the capacity of the country’s informal sector which remains an untapped source of income according to findings from a survey conducted by the ZNCC.

The emerging economy represents a number of opportunities for the country which if successfully harnessed can be a critical component to ensure rapid growth.