japanese vehicles on sale.jpgPolice have impounded 106 vehicles without registration number plates in the past three days under an operation code-named, ‘Name Tag’.

The operation which started last week Friday, took road users by surprise resulting in scores of motorists having their vehicles mostly, recent imports from Japan being impounded and locked up at the Police Support Unit base in Chikurubi.

Police Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Tarirai Dube, said operation ‘Name Tag’ has been necessitated by an upsurge in offenses in which the perpetrators have been using unlicensed vehicles, making it difficult for police to trace offenders.

“You will realise that we have been having problems with identifying criminals who commit crimes. Sometimes these criminals commit armed robberies and of late we have been experiencing people who get involved in car accidents and speed off without identification,” said Assistant Inspector Dube.

Inspector Dube urged motorists to leave their vehicles parked at their homesteads during the 2-week waiver period until registration procedures have been completed.

Police however said by this Tuesday, most motorists will get back their impounded vehicles once clearance has been given by Interpol branch, ZIMRA, the Central Vehicle Registration (CVR) as well as the Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS).

Operation name tag is expected to be reviewed by the 5th of this month where the authorities are to assess the impact of the programme in a bid to map the way forward on dealing with unlicensed vehicles.