dudu manhenga 2.jpgArts associations and institutions have called on government and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) to avail funding for critical aspects of arts such as management, film directing, book writing and product branding.



The NACZ has been called on to play its major role in sustaining the cultural heart of the country, through supporting a wide range of artistic activities such as festivals and cultural fairs.


This came into being after the realisation of the demise of national arts associations that represent theatre, music, visual and literary arts in most provinces.


The NACZ board member, Dudu Manhenga said although she acknowledges that some of the major challenges facing the Council are lack of funding and support from the corporate sector, she said the major problem facingrts associations and institutions in Zimbabwe is that they are not aware of the arts’ mother body.


Other issues that have been highlighted by the associations include the reinforcement by government to allow artists to import musical, broadcasting, recording and PA Systems duty free.


It has been noted that The NACZ should partner with different stakeholders both in the arts sector, government and private sector in ensuring that its objectives are fulfilled.


The NACZ is on record as saying it’s wish is to ensure that both the public and private sector should start funding the Arts and Culture Industry for the betterment of the industry.