vic kunonga.jpgmusicians.jpgMusic composers across the country registered with Zimbabwe Music Rights Association are being called on to collect their broadcasting royalties, for the first time since the introduction of the multi -currency system. 



The invitation of music composers to collect their annual music royalties in foreign currency, has seen some frequently played composers walking home with attractive sums of money, as much as US$4  000.

The Zimbabwe Music Rights Director Mrs Polisile Ncube said the royalties which they collected from the month of January to December for a fee of five dollars per airplay have seen some music composers walking away with as much as US$4 000.

Mrs Ncube invited other music composers to come and collect their royalties at ZIMURA offices.


The Chairman of Zimbabwe Music Rights Association who is a music composer and poet in his own right, Mr Albert Nyati said the development is a positive move in changing the welfare of musicians,  adding that people should refrain from music pirate activities which leaves the musician’s career at stake.


Other music composers who spoke to ZBC News reiterated the need for society to take the music industry as serious business entity whose rights must be observed especially with issues to do with music piracy.