Bulawayo’s Mpilo Central Hospital turned 60 on the 14th of august with some of the pioneer nurses and staff at the institution reminiscing about the good old days they enjoyed, while encouraging the new crop of medical practitioners to give all their best in their line of duty.

The hospital services the southern part of the country as the referral center is one of the most critical institutions in the country’s second capital city, Bulawayo.

The institution celebrated 60 years of existence with one of the pioneer nurses at the hospital, Gogo Polyanna Mahlangu lamenting the state of affairs currently obtaining at the institution.

“I still remember back in the 1950s when I joined this institution after training from South Africa. Nursing was the profession as we put the people’s lives first. We stood by our vows of saving the people before anything else. I am so worried about the nurses and hospital staff of today who go on strike at the expense of their profession,” she said.

A pioneer staff member, who was working in the administration, Mr Henry Ndlovu said it was not easy for black employees to rise through the ranks as the racial system was working in favour of white employees.

“I started working in the administration back in the 1950s. I started as a messenger and later became a clerk. It was indeed difficult for blacks to assume top posts as the racial regime had its own prejudices,” he said.

Mpilo Hospital CEO, Mr Leonard Mabandi said though the institution is facing shortages of foreign currency, his administration has tried to service the region with passion.

“We have had our own problems with regards to operations. The issue of forex is affecting most government institutions as you might be aware. However, we have had our moments of brilliance, we did some operations that became known as miracle operations by the media under difficult circumstances,” Mr Mabandi said.

Mpilo Central Hospital, which has a thriving nurses training school has recently partnered with the National University of Science and Technology in the doctors training under the Faculty of Medicine as the institution spreads its wings in the areas other areas of training.