Former Vice President, Phelekezela Mphoko’s application to have charges against him dropped has been dismissed. The former vice president is facing allegations of criminal abuse of office.

Mphoko is now expected to appear in court for trial on the 3rd of next month after his application to have his charges dropped was dismissed by Harare magistrate, Hosea Mujaya.

The defense council had earlier told the court that the application of exception was based on the fact that the charge is not clear and precise and that he fears committing a criminal offence while pleading.

It was further argued that Mphoko was acting in his capacity as president and if he pleads, might run the risk of breaching the statutory provision, in this case the official secrets act.

However, their plea was futile as the magistrate ruled that the charge was reasonably explained and the accused will not be prejudiced in any way if he is goes for trial.