The Kgalema Motlanthe Commission of inquiry into the 1 August post election violence has recommended compensation to victims of the skirmishes that claimed six lives and left 35 people injured in Harare.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today released to the public domain the report of the inquiry, which made a host of recommendations, which Cde Mnangagwa promised to work on.

“Going forward, the government will study the recommendations and decide the way forward,” said Cde Mnangagwa, when he read the report.

The commission recommended the need for dialogue among Zimbabweans, including compensation for those who lost their loved ones and the payment of medical bills for those who were injured in the violence.

“There is need for national reconciliation and dialogue…… It is [also] necessary for the Police to conclude their investigations to enable prosecution of those persons responsible for the alleged crimes committed on the 1st of August…..Those members of the police and military found to have been in breach of their professional duties and discipline on the 1st of August should be identified for internal investigations and appropriate actions, which should include hearing from the victims for impact assessment and necessary compensation,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

The commission found that the violence was a result of mainly polarisation of main political parties in the country; Zanu PF and MDC Alliance, and statements by leaders of some political parties.

It also found that the deployment of the military and police to quell the situation was in accordance with the constitution of the country but due to time constraints of coordination, the military could not fall under the police as the situation was changing rapidly.


The crucial findings are that:

  1. The demonstrations which became riotous and caused extensive damage to property and injury had been incited, pre-planned and well organised by the MDC Alliance;
  2. The particular circumstances prevailing on the day justified the deployment of the Military to assist the Police in containing the riots; and
  3. Six (6) people died and thirty-five (35) were injured as a result of actions by the Military and the Police.



The Commission made several recommendations. Some of the key ones concern:

a. Payment through a special Committee to be set up by the Government, of compensation for losses and damages caused including in particular, support and school fees for the children of the deceased;

b. Promotion of political tolerance, and responsible and accountable leadership and citizenry;

c. Electoral reforms including the development of Information Communication Technology (ICT), to among other things enhance the transparent and expeditious announcement of election results;

d. The enforcement of law and order in order to ensure that the events of the 1st of August 2018 are not repeated;

e. Accountability in respect of the alleged perpetrators; and

f. Nation building and reconciliation including an initiative for multi-party dialogue and cooperation.


The full inquiry report is available on: