handcuffs.jpgState Enterprises and Parastatals Minister, Godden Moyo’s aide Tafura Chisina has been arraigned before the courts facing charges of fraud involving more than US$34 000.

Chisina who is denying the charges is alleged to have misrepresented to the Ministry of State Enterprises and Parastatals that he had stayed at Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel and claimed travel and subsistence allowance amounting to more than US$34 000.

The State represented by Mr. Gift Zumbika alleges that Chisina presented fake receipts purporting to be from the hotel.

It is alleged that the matter came to light after the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry found out that the amounts involved were way out of the normal limits leading to an audit.

The results indicated that the accused was supposed to get US$4 190.

However, due to the misrepresentation he fraudulently acquired US$34 626, thus prejudicing the Ministry of US$30 436.


The trial continues this Wednesday.