mr elton mangoma.jpgEnergy and Power Development Minister, Mr Elton Mangoma, has slammed the culture of vandalism which has affected the operations of the country’s power utility, ZESA.


Minister Mangoma’s comments come in the wake of acts of vandalism of the 330KV Bindura to Dema high-voltage transmission lines which have affected the power utility’s ability to import power from Caborra Bassa in Mozambique.

Mr Mangoma indicated that the continued vandalism of ZESA property will push electricity charges upwards as costs of vandalism surpass that of electricity used.

On reports that he has been politicking thereby affecting ZESA operations, Minister Mangoma dismissed the allegations and attributed the power shortages to poor investment in the energy sector as well as the general power shortage in the region.

While power supply is critical to the growth of industry and the revival of the economy, ZESA has not been able to meet demand for a constant supply of electricity.

Tobacco farmers depending on irrigation have especially been hard hit as ZESA has failed to provide adequate power supply.

The country requires at least 3 000 mega watts to ensure that all sectors of the economy are adequately supplied with power.