The once vibrant citrus project in Middle Sabi is at the verge of being wiped off the map as the orange plants are drying up and dying owing to bad management.

What used to be an ever green orange tree orchard covering vast tracts of land in the Middle Sabi area has now been reduced to a firewood forest after a number of farmers failed to maintain the orchards sighting challenges.

High water and electricity charges have been the major challenge for farmers hence the decrease in supply of oranges from Middle Sabi said the secretary of Middle Sabi Farmers Syndicate Harrison Mutare.

Orange farmer Zvidzai Rushwaya who is soldering on to maintain his 20 hectares orange plantation said hard work and commitment is now paying dividend.

Middle Sabi was once a leading citrus hub in Manicaland which at its height used to export some of its oranges and mango fruits.