men waiting-for-circumcision 21-09-10.jpgThe number of males being circumcised continues to increase since the government adopted male circumcision as one of its strategies to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS.



The Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) confirmed this, saying an average of 30 males are going through the surgical procedure everyday.


Circumcision has become one of the latest initiatives to address the spread of HIV and AIDS, as research has shown that it reduces the rate of HIV transmission by 60%.


The Acting Director for Technical Services at ZNFPC, Mrs Margaret Butau said more than 5 000 males have been circumcised since the inception of the programme in May last year.


“This program has received overwhelming response. Per day we see an average of 30 males. One has to undergo HIV testing first before they are circumcised, said Mrs Butau.


While the programme was initially targeting males aged between 13 to 29 years, the overwhelming response from men of all ages has since forced ZNFPC to carry out circumcision free of charge to men of all ages who test negative to HIV.
Those who are HIV positive but are still at stage one and two in the development of AIDS are allowed to be circumcised provided they get adequate counseling.


Mrs Butau said one who has undergone circumcision should refrain from sex for at least 42 days.


The procedure, which is inexpensive can be carried out over a wide age range and is a one-off intervention conferring lifelong reduced biological risk.


Around 20% of men globally and 35% in developing countries are circumcised for religious, cultural, or medical and other reasons.