measles vaccination.jpgThree children have died and 21 others affected by a fresh outbreak of measles reported in Gwanda District.


The Gwanda District Medical Officer, Dr Pugie Chimberengwa told Zbcnews that the new measles cases have been reported in Mckulayz and Entalale communal areas, where some religious sects refused to have their children vaccinated during the annual national immunization programme in May. 



He said the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, with the assistance of the police had to apply the Public Health Act to force a father in Mckulayz Village to have all his seven children affected by measles vaccinated, despite his religious beliefs.


Dr Chimberengwa said the ministry will continue lobbying religious leaders to have their members’ children immunized in order to avoid unnecessary lose of innocent lives.


Fifty seven thousand children in Gwanda were immunissed during this year’s immunization programme, while those under the age of five were also given Aitamin A supplements.


Health officials covered 97% of the district during the programme.