wayne bvudzijena 08-02-11.jpgPolice Spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena says law enforcement agents have it on record that the MDC-T party has been an active participant in master-minding all cases of violence that occurred this year.


The detailed report by the police comes against a background where the capital experienced a spate of violent acts, which resulted in shops being looted while others were bombed.

“Police records show that 11 cases of violence have this year been recorded, with the MDC-T being implicated while Zanu PF sympathisers were the targets,” Senior Assistant Commissioner Bvudzijena said.

Despite such evidence, the MDC-T party has been telling the international community that they have been the victims.

Turning to recent utterances by the MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in an interview with Fox News in Davos, Switzerland, in which he insinuated that Zimbabweans could take the Egyptian and Tunisian way of unseating the President, Senior Assistant Commissioner Bvudzijena said police are prepared to deal with any such acts.

Only last week, the MDC-T leader had a rally in which he intended to incite his members to rise against government, but the attempts were foiled by alert security forces.

The event has been followed by a spate of violence in and around the city, with the recent being a petrol bomb that was thrown at Zanu PF activists in Mbare’s Siya-so.
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While in South Africa in December last year, MDC-T Secretary General, Mr Tendai Biti predicted that there will be a blood bath in Zimbabwe before elections.

Analysts are now questioning Biti’s self fulfilling prophecy as it is now clear that his party wants to see bloodshed in the country.


Meanwhile, the group which organised yesterday’s march against the City of Harare, Upfumi Kuvadiki, has called upon the responsible authorities to bring to book unruly elements, who hijacked the event resulting in disturbances and the looting of shops.


The call comes after the group’s police sanctioned march was hijacked by some unruly elements who looted shops.


The march had been organised with the intention of airing disgruntlement over the decision by the Harare City Council to award a South African company, Easi Park, a contract to control the parking of cars.


The group felt that locals should have been given the nod ahead of foreigners.

Upfumi Kuvadiki Secretary General, Mr Tatenda Maroodza said the organisation had to call off the march after it emerged that some elements, suspected MDC-T hooligans, had taken advantage of their protest to further their political agenda.


“Some unruly elements hijacked our peaceful march and set up a parallel unsanctioned grouping at Gulf Complex that eventually terrorised shop owners at the shopping mall,” Mr Maroodza said.

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Harare Police Spokesman, Inspector James Sabau confirmed that police had to call off the organisation’s march, after it emerged that a parallel grouping had hijacked the occasion.


“We had to call off the march because a parallel grouping had hijacked it, resulting in disturbances at Gulf Complex. Police are however, still investigating the motive behind the looting and the disturbances,” Inspector Sabau said.


Tenants at the complex told ZBC News that the looters targeted known Zanu PF supporters and members of the Upfumi Kuvadiki organisation.


Meanwhile, the Upfumi Kuvadiki organisation has set up a trust fund to assist those people who have been affected by the disturbances but the group has intentions of regrouping in a more systematic manner which is expected to be cleared by police in a bid to guard against a repeat of yesterday’s ugly scenes.