elias mudzuri.jpgFactionalism in the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T is deepening with so called party heavy weights at each other’s throat as the party gears itself for its May congress.

History has a nasty way of repeating itself—and this may be the case for the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T ahead of the party’s national congress this May.

Local political analysts have predicted that with the bickering and a name calling amongst the party’s so called heavy weights the party is heading for yet another split.

Riding on a wave of serious factions that are alleged to have already created serious contention between Mr. Nelson Chamisa and Mr. Elias Mudzuri who are both eyeing the party’s National Organising Secretary post, a local analyst Mr. Gabriel Chaibva said the MDC-T Congress will see a lot of ideological confrontations.


Another analyst, Mr. Stephen Chidawanyika said the MDC-T is failing to outgrow itself from a being a protest movement to a serious political party and the fact that its handlers are seeing reality following wikileaks the party is heading for the history books faster than it came into life.

“The MDC-T has failed to mature into a real political party. It will not be surprising if the party splits again,” said Mr. Chidawanyika.

Reports of jostling for positions in the MDC-T are coming through to the media with indications that the party’s Organising Secretary Elias Mudzuri may be shown the door on allegations of incompetence, while the party’s youths are frothing for being in charge of  all the 10 provinces meaning all the provincial chairpersons are heading for the political dust beans.