tsvangison.jpgMDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s assertions that his party did not participate in the National Anti-sanctions Campaign launch because it is not responsible for their imposition have demonstrated the double-faced nature of the former trade unionist as evidence clearly shows that he is not his own man.

Wednesday the 2nd of March marked an important day in the history of Zimbabwe as thousands of people, led by Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, gathered to launch the National Anti-sanctions Petition Campaign.

But conspicuous by their absence were other parties to the Global Political Agreement.

While many expected MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai to publicly cleanse himself by participating in this national cause, not only did he choose to stay at home, but he also tried to justify his actions.

“My party should not be held responsible for calling for the removal of the illegal sanctions,” he claimed.

Despite Mr. Tsvangirai’s attempt to hide by his finger, Zimbabweans have not forgotten that he is the same man who thought sanctions could be used as a regime change tool and even persuaded South Africa to blockade Zimbabwe.

In 2003, he called for the South African government to cut off electricity and fuel supplies to Zimbabwe to force President Mugabe out of power.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was not even diplomatic in admitting that his country was working with the Tsvangirai-led party to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in the House of Commons in 2003 Blair was blunt in incriminating his associates in Zimbabwe.

He admitted: “On the latter two points, we work closely with the MDC on the measures that we should take in respect of Zimbabwe, although I am afraid that these measures and sanctions, although we have them in place, are of limited effect on President Mugabe’s regime.”

david-miliband.jpgWhile Zimbabweans thought the singing of the GPA in September 2008 and the subsequent formation of the inclusive government in February 2009 had taught the MDC a lesson on patriotism, the country was startled last year when British Foreign Secretary David Miliband made revelations in the House of Commons that the lifting of illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe will be guided by a call from the MDC.

He added that there are a range of sanctions imposed by the EU, some of them “controlled” by the MDC-T party.

“In respect of sanctions (that) is something that we will discuss… We have … to be guided by what the MDC says to us about the conditions under which it is working and leading the country,” said Miliband.

Just recently, the whistle-blower website, wiki-leaks, revealed that the MDC-T has been working with the European Union in determining what kind of sanctions should be imposed on Zimbabwe with the party’s secretary-general, Tendai Biti, being singled out as responsible for providing names to be put on or removed from the sanctions list.

For the MDC-T President to then turn around and say he has nothing to do with the illegal sanctions is not only an irresponsible statement, but an attempt to undermine the intelligence of Zimbabweans.


Meanwhile, the absence of the MDC formations from the historic launch of the anti sanctions campaign has been heavily criticized by ZANU-PF.


simonkhayamoyo.jpgThe revolutionary party’s National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, told ZBC News that while the two formations celebrate the imposition of sanctions on ordinary Zimbabweans, their delight is misguided.


Castigating the MDC formations and MDC-T leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, Ambassador Moyo said their absence from the historic event that saw thousands of Zimbabweans turning out in full support of the anti-sanctions drive has revealed that the formations have leaders of no consequence who do not love their country.


“Their absence from this historic occasion for Zimbabwe clearly indicates that they took part in the imposition of the illegal sanctions. Furthermore, this has shown that the MDC formations suffer from leadership deficiency…. They are led by people who do not have their country at heart….leaders who get instructions from elsewhere,” Ambassador Moyo said.

ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo says the absence was not a surprise at all as the country knows that the repressive Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, (ZIDERA) was crafted by Mr. Tendai Biti and Mr. Welshman Ncube from the two MDC’s.


cde rugare gumbo 30-07-10.jpg“It was expected that they will boycott the anti-sanctions event, they crafted ZIDERA, and obviously their masters instructed them not to attend,” said Cde Gumbo.


Many observers who have been following developments, have hailed ZANU PF for hosting the incident free event, saying the peace and tranquility that prevailed during the launch has proved wrong the prophets of doom who always blame the party for any incident of violence.

They say this should be a shining example for other political parties to emulate.


The National Anti-sanctions Petition Campaign which was launched on Wednesday will see the petitions being sent to all provinces and availed to all wards where all Zimbabweans will get a chance to put their signatures.


The signatures of at least 2 million people, expected after the completion of the exercise, will be sent to various organisations which include SADC, AU, UN and even the EU to drive home the message that Zimbabweans want the illegal sanctions lifted immediately.


More than 1,4 million Zimbabweans attended the National Anti-sanctions Petition Campaign launch on Wednesday.