arthur mutambara 08-02-11 ed.jpgDeputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara has filed opposing papers to the High Court asking the court to discharge the provisional order granted earlier on against him.

In his opposing papers to the High Court Interdict issued by Justice Nicholas Ndou which barred Professor Mutambara from acting in the capacity of president in the MDC, Professor Mutambara says that the interdict must be discharged with costs as the matter has what he refers to as far reaching effects on the structures of the arms of government .

Professor Mutambara’s opposing affidavit also noted that there was no need for the urgent application to have been granted, as the chamber application was not made in terms of Order 32 Rule 241 of the High Court Rules of 197.

Professor Mutambara also opposes Ms Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga’s founding affidavit accusing her of using the name of the party to justify her own needs as she is not the MDC’s Secretary General.

He also says Misihairabwi has gotten too excited with her new found and self proclaimed position of Secretary General and is now carelessly dishing out letters left, right and centre like confetti at a wedding.

Professor Mutambara also refers to the MDC Congress held in Harare on January 8-9 as a gathering of certain individuals.

He also claims that he did not address the gathering as an MDC Congress but an ordinary meeting.