A 48-year-old Mbare woman has come to the aid of expecting mothers after delivering over 100 babies within a week in her two-roomed house at Tichagarika Flats, bringing relief in the face of an illegal strike by health personnel.

There are times when desperate situations call for heroes and heroines to show up. Such is the story of one good samaritan, Esther Gwena a midwife with St Johns Apostolic Church of the whole world who has become an instant heroine in Mbare.

Residing only a few meters away from Edith Opperman Clinic, Gwena has witnessed the facility and many other council-run clinics turn away patients including pregnant women.

Refusing to sit back and watch from her small 2 roomed flat, she has delivered over 100 babies in the past week.

Last night alone, she safely delivered six babies, four boys and two girls.

“I arrived at our local clinic in pain knocked and knocked but there was no response I came to Edith and was told by the nurses that they are not working and referred me to see Mai Gwena and when I came here I safely delivered my baby girl,” said one of the women she helped.

She has performed duties as a midwife at her church for the past 15 years, but she has taken up what can easily be identified as a national duty. To her it is not about money, it is simply to extend a helping hand.

“I do this free of charge, I was sent by the Lord to bring healthy babies into the world,” she said.

Even the neighbours testify of the good work being done by Mai Gwena.

Her cause is now being oiled by more well-wishers.

Some have bought gloves and disinfectants just to make her job easier while young boys from the neighbourhood have taken it upon themselves to fetch water to help in this noble cause.

This modern Zimbabwean version of Florence Nightingale embarks on daily labour of love with conviction that she is only helping usher new lives into the world for a good reason.

It is more than midwifery to her, it is a calling.