kimberly floaat.jpgLocal diamond mining concern Mbada Diamonds says it has intensified efforts to further development staff expertise in the mining of the gemstone in line with international best practices.


The diamond mining concern which has been recently commended by KP monitor Mr. Abey Chikane for its outstanding mining infrastructure and security system in his fact finding mission report, is in the process of implementing several capacity building initiatives.


The company’s Operations Manager Mr. Deon Vermeulen who expressed the entity’s desire to ensure full participation by indigenous people in diamond mining, says many local people have already benefited from the skills transfer initiative by the company.


“It is our desire to ensure maximum participation by the locals in the diamond mining and to date over 300 locals have benefited from the ongoing capacity building initiatives by the company,” said Mr. Vermeulen.


Zimbabwe’s diamond industry which is less than four years old, has the potential to grow bigger than other regional diamond industries given the projected deposits and investments which are being made in the sector.


According to the recent report by the KP monitor Mr. Chikane, joint venture companies between government and its investing partners in Chiadzwa have met most of the Kimberly Process recommendations making it eligible for the country to attain the eagerly awaited diamond certification.