The 2017-2018 rainy season saw the Mazoe dam in Mashonaland Central spilling giving a spectacular view with locals hoping to unlock a potential tourist destination.

The mysteries and myths surrounding the Mazoe dam seem to have been put on a rest.

After over a decade of not filling up, the dam finally spilled this rainy season to create a spectacular view for nature lovers.

Walking through the dam wall structure gives one an almost full view to this dam and locals said careful upgrading of the area can turn it into a magnificent tourist destination especially on the domestic arena.

A stop at the popular Mazoe kiosk provides many a visitors a kodak moment with the spectacular luminous blue surface shimmering with sunray reflections.

Narrations of how the water sounds when spilling from the dam were starting to sound like a legend told by an intoxicated loner – virtually hard to believe.

With the dam back to its beauty, hopes are it will remain the same and reignite all recreational activities once associated with it.