Goat breeders from Matabeleland South are back at the rebranded Zimbabwe Agricultural Show (ZAS) after a 4 year absence owing to the outbreak of livestock diseases in the province.

Some of the goat breeds are weighing 70 kilogrammes.

Livestock farmer Mr Lindani Ncube who is the only livestock farmer from Matabeleland South Province exhibiting at the ZAS said their absence was largely due to the fact that animals could not be moved from the province after the devastating foot and mouth outbreak.

“We could not move the animals from the region, we could not even come to the agricultural exhibition since 2014 and this greatly affected business yet there is a ready market in Harare and other towns and cities doted around the country,” he said.

Mr Ncube called on the government to intervene and assist goat breeders to venture into export market.

“There is just too much bureaucracy and we wish the government could assist us and help with the required paperwork to venture into lucrative export markets,” he added.

With goat meat on demand on the local and international market, the rallying call is for locals to tap into this lucrative business.