Matabeleland South has expressed its commitment to be part of the new economic trajectory saying the province has created a conducive environment for investment in various key sectors.

In line with the new trajectory Matabeleland South Province hosted a business investment opportunity and public private partnership conference in Gwanda this Wednesday to market the vast opportunities in the province.

Minister of State for Matabeleland South Province Cde Abednico Ncube said the mainstay of the economy as a country has been in agriculture, Matabeleland South has a lot of untapped potential in those areas, endowed with huge tracts of land and rich veld grass, the province offers great business opportunities both in cropping and livestock farming.

Agriculture and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) board chairman Mr Basil Nyabadza implored the province to use its competitive advantages to achieve economic growth.

“The province cannot continue importing bread, milk and mealie meal from Bulawayo, you need to start thinking big, let’s start being selfish as Matabeleland South by making these products for ourselves so that we create jobs for our people,” he said.

The business community thanked government for the new operating environment saying it has boosted their confidence and reignited interests to contribute to the attainment of a prosperous Zimbabwe.

“We thank the government for creating this new friendly and welcoming environment,” said one businessman Mr Jim Gordard.

“I would like to implore the Diaspora community to come and invest back home, so that we make Zimbabwe great, noted Mr Eggs Asima another businessman.

The local authorities also reaffirmed their commitment to improving the ease of doing business so as to attract investment.