Yester-year’s football greats from Mashonaland Central Province have established what has become the only ZIFA-registered academy in Bindura as part of the efforts of moulding future stars.

Kingstone Rinemota, the Zuze Bothers, Garikai, and Biggie are some of the names from Bindura that made waves in the top flight league during the late 80s and 90s when football had limited financial benefits but was driven by passion.

Fast forward to 2019, the Dynamos legends have rekindled their romance with the beautiful game, this time giving birth to 6stars Football Academy.

“We looked at the province itself in the 80s and 90s and saw that the talent ended there. The likes of Kingston Rinemota and the Zuze brothers all hail from this province. The initiative was to get youngsters and perfect them so that, as a province, we maintain the legacy of those legends through developing these youngsters,” said the academy administrator, Smart Chitatu.

Garikai Zuze, who is offering his coaching expertise, bemoaned the limited financial resource base, saying it is hampering grassroots football development in a town that once boasted of great talent.

“These youngsters will go a long way, especially given their young ages, if we only get the required support. We are sacrificing as we just come here as the six of us, training them. After that, we go home without pay. We are just driven by the love of sport. We just want them to get past where we got,” said Zuze.

The likes of Marvelous Nakamba and Khama Billiat, who have made names beyond the country’s borders, trace their roots to well-structured football academies, something which has given hope to some of the teenage prodigies from the academy.

“I want to take football as a career and make huge achievements like Khama Billiat. He is one of the greatest,” said one of the young prodigies.

“I play football to enjoy and become famous and I want to thank the club for giving us the chance to excel,” said another player from the academy.

The academy, which is creating opportunities for the under 10, 14, and 18 age groups, has since received a boost after getting a set of uniforms, training kits, and balls, which could signal better fortunes commensurate with the legends’ passion.