Marondera residents have appealed to the local authority to set up pedestrian crossing markings at the recently installed traffic lights intersection of the Harare-Mutare highway and Pine Street in the town as pedestrians risk being run over by vehicles.

While the installation of traffic signals is supposed to bring joy by easing pedestrian movement for residents of Marondera, the traffic lights at the intersection have brought nightmares for pedestrians as the local authority did not put crossing points for them.

A pedestrian crossing that was five meters away from the new robot has since been removed adding to the misery of pedestrians while there are also no signs warning motorists of the new traffic signals.

“While we welcome the installation of the robots, council should have proper markings for pedestrians crossing,” said one resident identified as Subika.

“We risk being run over by cars as there are no warning signs of the new robots and pedestrian crossing points,” said another resident, Masimba.

“The sooner road markings are put the better otherwise we fear for the worst as accidents are imminent,” weighed in Hazel, another Marondera resident.

The Harare-Mutare highway is one of the busiest roads in the country linking the country to Mozambique and for Marondera residents the crossing point is also a busy one as it connects the town to the northern suburbs of Dombotombo, Cherima, Rusike, Yellow City, Ruvimbo, Ruware and Morningside as well as the industrial area.