A 30 year-old Harare man has been indicted for allegedly ill-treating his two-year old daughter, beating her using an electric cable for damaging a television set and telling the mother that the girl fell off a bicycle.

Farai Muparadzi appeared at the Harare Magistrate court and pleaded guilty to the charges of ill-treating a minor.

It is the state’s case that on the 17th of October 2019, Muparadzi, being a parent to the minor, unlawfully assaulted her with an electrical cable several times all over her body thereby causing her unnecessary harm.

The minor reportedly sustained serious injuries all over the body due to the assault.

According to the court papers, the matter came to light when the complainant’s mother received information from the accused’s friends that the accused, who is her ex-husband, is ill-treating their daughter.

It is alleged the complainant’s mother confronted the accused about why the child’s body was swollen, and the accused told her the baby had fallen off her bicycle.

The complainant took the child to the hospital where she is admitted for the wounds she sustained.