A group of Zimbabwean business people under the banner of Malaysia Zimbabwe Business Network held a golf tournament at the Zimbabwe Republic Police Golf Club where they had the opportunity to interact, network and discuss business in a relaxed and friendly sporting atmosphere.

The network which currently has over 50 members and is growing hopes to undertake a business trip to Malaysia in search of opportunities and connect with investors.

The network which has been in existence for the past two years is growing hopes to create a network of business and investors between the two countries and improve trade relations which are currently tilted in the Asian giants favour.

Local businessman and chairman of the Malaysia Zimbabwe Business Network, Stephen Margolis said there has been a lot of interest from Malaysian investors and business people following the transition in Zimbabwe.

A secretary in the Malaysian Embassy Azazim Zamri said the network has organised exchange visits with local business people to exchange ideas and opportunities that are available in each other’s country to improve trade relations.

The tournament attracted over 60 players who enjoyed a game of golf played based on the individual stable ford and network.

The network urged interested people with their ideas, business proposals but no resources to join the network so that they can be connected with other interested investors or business people through the Malaysian Embassy.